you need
  • - book;
  • - Share;
  • - memo pad;
  • - book;
  • - handle.
Make the most detailed plan for future works.Remember, anything you write, should play in the opening theme, specified in the header.If it raised the question, the essay - the answer to it.If it declared some statement - your task is to prove or disprove.No need lengthy texts about the book general.Try to maximize the reveal is a given topic.This disclosure and must be dedicated to all the points of your plan.
Try to quote or paraphrase close to the text of the basic ideas that help make certain conclusions.Link to deeds of heroes, revealing
their characters.Look for non-trivial moves to show what happened in the new, sometimes unexpected for the rest of the world of readers.Do not be afraid to speculate, the main thing that behind them there was a clear logic and all your reasoning stemmed from the plot of the book.
Allow yourself diversity of opinions, but the language, on the contrary, should be easy.Try not to allow excellent shape and very colorful flowery definitions.In the wilds of slozhnospletennyh phrases can be easily lost.Therefore, alternate complex sentences with simple, which greatly simplify the perception of your composition.If the style of presentation allows for slight variations, make remarks.
Do not try to study a large number of literature, to understand the book.Leave the place his own opinions and judgments.It is possible that certain deeds of heroes inspire you to a different assessment than that of the venerable critics.In the essay, it is important to fix it, and preferably, a good Russian language and in a qualitative way.Who knows, maybe it is from this work will open your literary talent, and ever will write an essay already book your .