Part One: from concept to opening (market situation)

Firstly, because, according to the unanimous opinion of all interviewed experts and practitioners, today, as clearly stated the director of one of the most visited Kiev restaurants "Any good restaurant in any niche will bring success. "

Secondly, because, again, in the unanimous opinion of all respondents, somehow held Market restaurants in our country to this day does not exist.Even in the capital, which now has more than 500 restaurants (in Moscow, they, for example, 3000), estimated to themselves as restaurateurs, enjoys strong popularity around 20-25 schools.What is already talking about the regions?

In essence, this means that the entrepreneur who decides to open his o

wn restaurant and pitying it is not only money, but also the effort and time, and also listen to the views of professionals, without which in this case can not do, has a good chancebecome a successful restaurant owner, and even restaurateur (occupation, as they say, it uvlekatelintenoe).

How much is to open a restaurant

professionals answer this question unequivocally: "It all depends on the objectives that you set for yourself."But the rough figure yet reported: construction and equipment of a restaurant "turnkey" costs the customer from $ 850 to $ 1,500 per square meter, including all trade, economic and other areas.Adding to this figure the purchase price of the room (and in the center of the capital of its price, for example, can be $ 1,000 per square meter), it can be said that the sum of the cost of average size (area about two hundred square meters) restaurant is about $ 400 thousand.

If we talk about how the costs of construction and equipment of the restaurant are displayed on a separate article, for example, at the opening of the restaurant in a separate and require major reconstruction of the building in one of the megacities, they look like this (see. "Differentiationcosts ... ").The payback period of the restaurant is usually from one to five years.


Salary Kiev chef is of Ukrainian origin, depending on the job, from $ 200 to $ 500.Salary Kiev bartender is, depending on the job, from $ 180 to $ 400.Salary Kiev waiter is, depending on the job, from $ 100 to $ 200 plus tip.

How to start

First of all - to find out where you can find and get the right room, building or area of ‚Äč‚Äčland under it.Practice shows that it is often the location of the restaurant of the stove, on which it is necessary to dance, creating its concept.

example, more than a new restaurant will be located on the areas where most of them live wealthy citizens, the more it should be different - kitchen, interior, atmosphere, class, finally - from the other institutions that they used to attend.After all, hardly anyone will dare to go to the edge of the city in order to visit the "double" of one of the restaurants located in the center.

On the other hand, having a space in the center, at the crossroads of traffic and pedestrian routes, should think about the fact that in this case is more profitable - to open an elite establishment with fine cuisine and expensive dishes or build a completely democratic restaurant Relying on oborot.Veschiseemingly obvious but is not always taken into account the future owners, some of whom have is understandable, but it is far from marketing considerations - to build a replica of the restaurant, which is particularly liked it somewhere abroad, or simply "restaurant of itsdreams. "

Wondering how to be his future restaurant, or, in the language of professionals, building his vision, first decide what kind of cuisine to choose from.

plenty to choose from

Choice cuisine at his restaurant is about to open wide the entrepreneur.It is only important to remember that not all national cuisine can be perceived stomachs Ukrainian consumers without proper adaptation.

Number of restaurant kitchens, already accustomed to the Russian soil, the calculation can not be precise.One of the experts surveyed named as the most popular of them are traditional Ukrainian, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, American, Mexican, German, Austrian, Indian, Georgian, Armenian cuisine.Lost count, adding that surely forgotten to mention something, suggested doing something more productive - and he was right, as indeed forgotten, for example, working in the capital of the Jewish restaurants, Yugoslav, Argentine and Uzbek cuisine.

If the above list you seemed too ordinary, you can add a fairly well-known in the Greek world, Afghanistan, Columbia, Tibetan, Indonesian and Ethiopian cuisine.

point of view of the market

director of restaurant-club, said:

- Today, more than 500 restaurants, but this market is far from saturated.In Tokyo, they 12000, Moscow - 3000. Of these, very few roads and class facilities with a high level of service.Most are so-called democratic restaurants that keep the average pricing and focus on the quality of food, less concerned about the level of services.

Century restaurants, even the most fashionable, very short - three or four years, maybe five years.There are new cuisines, new "gadgets" - a spit in the hall, something else - and all tusovka runs from you to another restaurant and then a third.Therefore, art is held in the client institution - a special art.If the restaurateur, who had just opened another restaurant, the customer sees at the second or third time, I would have congratulated him.In fact, in the book of world bankruptcies restaurants are in third place after the ready-made clothing stores and photo shops.But they are subject to bankruptcy in the first place because everyone thinks that to open a restaurant and keep it - a trifling matter.I say, do everything as a mother.Where can I take my mother's ability to choose the products on the market?Mom's ability to save?Where to take her mother's gefilte fish?Restaurateurs have to understand that today they must either give the same money as yesterday, more services or - with the same number of services - lower prices.

How to choose the kitchen

According to restaurateurs, the optimal strategy is to select dishes combining the data analysis of the anticipated needs of the market and sober account of their own capabilities, and with the emphasis on the second component.

So, for example, before opening a restaurant with a strange exotic cuisine, worth thinking about if you can, choosing the future chef, distinguished master of the impostor.And planning in the regional center of the restaurant with a slope to the French or Italian cuisine should first think about where you can find suppliers of seafood, and fresh all year round salads, vegetables and fruits.

regard to the requirements of the market, then, according to the professionals, they are still satisfied enough (especially in the regions), and therefore the success of today will enjoy a quality restaurant with any kitchen.

For a successful "purely Russian" restaurant we were told that "the customer is fed up with all sorts of curiosities and flourishes," and continued: "Yes, there was a period when it was fun and fashionable, and everyone wanted to try exotic dishes.But it's all over.Our people are accustomed from childhood to his kitchen.And just as the Germans will always be supporters of the German cuisine, the French - the French, the Japanese - Japanese, Russian prefer Russian.And any man who came to us from abroad, be sure to try the national cuisine. "

But an hour later, no less successful restaurant-oriented European cuisine, told that from a list of Russian dishes that they had included in its main menu, based on foreigners was only soup."Remove - as has been said - even burgers" in Kiev. "

Permitting and construction

By this time, the future owner should have, as they say now, "decide" with the personality of the future director or manager of the restaurant, that is,a man who is doomed to be alone go all the way of the cross approvals, permits and approvals.

course, nobody forbids owner drag this burden on their shoulders, but in this case it just has to forget about their core business - the practice shows that the "permissive phase" in opening a restaurant lasts from six months (a record result) to one year, andon indefinitely.

is why people are advised to know the future restaurateurs from the very beginning, during the registration of the legal entity to seek help from lawyers.Thus, as again explain the practice, hired lawyers not so much that they have replaced the petitioners in their walk the chain of command (it is almost impossible), but above all for the proper execution of countless mushrooming during this walking papers.Establishing and maintaining the personal contacts at all levels, down to the secretaries and ordinary inspectors should be the prerogative of the Director of the future restaurant.

In the ranks of some practitioners There is also a view that, look for a room, and to take action to obtain permission to rent, you need to keep firmly in mind that the man who came to power to petition the opening is not something, and the restaurant is intheir eyes invaluable (in the literal sense of the word) source of replenishment of funds of all kinds.Evading the contributions you may have and will win in their own eyes the reputation of "indomitable fighter", but the date for the opening of your restaurant this position is unlikely to bring - nobody will tell you "no," but your paper will be permanently sink somewherethe depths of the lower level of performance.

After receiving permission to rent comes the stage of preparation of the architectural, engineering and technological projects.In parallel, a survey will be going room by representatives of various services - electricians, gas companies, serving sanepidemstantsii, fire.This will occur inevitable complications, which the owner had already must get used to.For example, if the room is old, it will have to be evaluated for strength and foundation beams, if the building belongs to the historical monuments, will have to deal with the corresponding control.If the object does not have enough power and will need to lay the cable, or worse if to erect a separate building and pull the tens or even hundreds of meters, and engineering services, will again have to receive countless coordination, etc.

After approval of the project by firefighters and sanepidemstantsii prior to construction is necessary to get permission department (Special Department, Special Inspection - they may have different names) on the improvement of the local state administration, because, as one of our interlocutors, "the first hammer blow all urban services required towill you. "

While under construction, you must do as obtaining a patent to engage in trading activities (catering is considered production and trading activities), licenses for the production and sale of food products in catering, as well as the license for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

Purchase and installation of equipment

decide how to engineering and technological equipment for the kitchen of the restaurant, and you need to order it at the beginning of construction.Regarding the ventilation of premises of the restaurant matched the views of practitioners: first, it must work out details even at the draft stage and, secondly, to advance to be prepared for the most serious costs, which are usually higher than planned "by eye".

With regard to the purchase and placement of kitchen technological equipment, the environment restaurateurs there are two points of view on how this should proiskhodit.Pervaya view is that the main executor of the will of the master at this stage of the event should be a technologist (sometimes the futurerestaurant owner is his own, but most of its technology, which he used to work in the bundle offers the architect of the project).

At the construction stage, it appears after the owner has chosen the restaurant kitchen and has found the chef, stipulates to him all the details of "culinary policy" of the future institution.Many believe that the choice and placement of the equipment should be left to the chef.

task technologist - in accordance with this policy and countless applicable regulatory documents to plan kitchen space, build workflows, create together with the chef a list of necessary equipment, and then when the purchased equipment will be delivered, to place it (again on a par withchef) position obrazom.Soglasno second point of view, the selection and placement of equipment is the responsibility of the chef, and it should be noted, the practice quite often confirms its right to life.

How to choose equipment

equipment market, ranging from technology to furniture and kitchen, utensils and textiles, is so saturated that the restaurateur can only develop the right strategy to conduct it.

precise formulation of this strategy - a private matter restaurateur, but a few simple rules are acceptable to all.

first rule - do not chase for cheapness.The restaurant, as nowhere else, the truth is true that the miser pays twice.Conventional furniture is broken here a year later, the usual utensils has a habit of constantly beating, and even in the toilet cistern running hundreds of times more intense than in an ordinary apartment.

Rule two - solid trust suppliers.Good reputation in the restaurant business - a very serious thing, and is unlikely to have gained weight provider wants to inflict damage on it by the beginner.

In addition, competition among suppliers is now so high that serious companies are trying to entice the buyer the widest range of marketing services, among, say, the obligatory conditions of warranty and post-warranty service, retrofitting, and so on. So, the beginner can count on a free (though,Of course, followed by a commercial offer) and a detailed overview of the consultation of the restaurant business, which is related to the firm.

Rule Three - primarily communicate to restaurateurs.The most detailed plan of arrangement of kitchen technological equipment, expert commented, give the beginner a 10 times greater if it has at least a quarter of an hour on pobudet Restaurants and talk to her chef.

point of view on the factors of success of the restaurant

Ulitsky Vitaly, CEO of USP-Design:

- The first factor of success - is the location of the restaurant.There are many successful restaurants in poor areas, unsuccessful - in good, but nevertheless a place - it is very important.

second factor of success - quality cuisine.But this, too, is not the most important thing.

third, and for me the main factor of success of the restaurant - its ideological component.I would call a restaurant catering establishments with the ideological and plot the beginning for me the main component of the restaurant - his legend, which this restaurant plot develops.A distinctive feature of the restaurant - its theatricality.This walk is not only to satisfy the hunger, but also to emphasize their social status during the meal.

All successful restaurants have their own story and the script, which is replicated throughout the attributes of the restaurant and all forms of advertising.The clearer and more interesting story, the more restaurant details that define and confirm its direction - from the logo places on the edge of the saucer and finishing non-standard uniforms and texts, which are present in advertising messages, - more restaurant acquires its own personality that instantly audiencefelt.