you need
  • - serving dish;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - fresh or canned fruit;
  • - or a mixture of gelatin for making jelly cake;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - powdered sugar;
  • - ground cinnamon;
  • - sprigs of fresh mint or lemon balm.
First of all, you need to choose a basis for serving fruit.The most common option - a flat plate or large-diameter dish.It is desirable that it was monotonous, without ornament and drawing.

If your arsenal of household items there tiered serving dish - it will greatly facilitate your task.On the bottom tier can be positioned fairly large fruit, such as oranges, apples and pears;on average - tangerines, plums, cape gooseberry;and at the top - delicate strawberries, grapes, etc.

Children will be very happy, "edible
" fruit plate.Bake elektrovafelnitse sweet waffles, and while they are hot and soft, giving them a bowl shape.
dish to which you just put a fresh, well-washed fruit, it can hardly be called a fruit plate in the conventional sense.SinceIn most cases, this dish is not served as a la carte, all fruit should be cut into small pieces and cleaned of seeds and inedible peel.To obtain a fruit plate, it is desirable to use a sufficiently thick, not watery fruits.Canned fruits should be submitted separately from fresh.

Apples and pears cut into slices, remove seeds and tough core.

Citrus, except for mandarins, usually cut into thin slices with peel.Tangerines have a more delicate structure, so either they are served whole or dismantled and removed pelt into slices.

Banana peel and cut into 3-4 pieces or slices.

Peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums are usually cut into 2-4 pieces.Be sure to remove the stone.

Grapes should be divided into small brush.Close grape is best served after removing, from the branch.
How to make a fruit plate
no secret that many fruits are rapidly oxidized and zavetrivayutsya become quite unattractive.To avoid this, you can use some tricks:

Fruits that when exposed to air oxidize and darken should sprinkle with lemon juice.This primarily refers to apples, pears and bananas.

to juicy fruits and berries are not zavetrilis they can be lightly grease with a solution of gelatin or a special transparent jelly cakes.

excellent masking and decorating effect have powdered sugar and ground cinnamon.Just slightly priporoshit fruits and dish sparkle anew.
How to make a fruit plate