you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle;
  • - computer.
menu is a list of different dishes, appetizers, food products and beverages, offered visitors a day.It consists of taking into account the minimum assortment.For each company it's different.
In compiling the list for dining stick to simple rules.Write clearly the name of dishes exclude reductions in the names.It should be clearly printed on good paper.It is necessary to choose the right font size, spacing between letters and words.Should include clear information - is the name of the enterprise, a specific date, the list of dishes, the output portion in grams and the price for it.Put signatures director, manager.Production, an economist at pric
es that reassure the company seal.
All the dishes in the menu write in a sequence corresponding to the order of the meal.Branded dishes and a la carte menu in the general highlight in a special section.The amount of food and drinks take in accordance with the minimum assortment.Reducing the number is not allowed.Better to turn more seasonal dishes.
All meals in the list must be available at all times during operation dining .In drawing up the menu see that it was varied by type of raw materials (fish, meat, vegetables), as well as by the method of heat treatment (boiled, fried, stewed, baked products).Garnish properly combine with meat, fish, etc.
consider seasonal consumption.In menu all products ranged from less severe to more severe.Observe the sequence of dishes.Please write products poached, boiled and then fried and stewed.Note the order of the snacks menu depending on the order of submission.
first specify cold snacks - vegetables, fish, meat.Then write hot appetizers, first courses (soups, hot soups, puree, cold), main dishes (fish, meat, vegetables, eggs, dairy products, flour).Consider the order of writing depending on the technology of cooking and serving.From fish dishes first enter boiled, then fried and baked.From the first to place the meat products from natural meat, and finish products from cutlet weight.Then write desserts (puddings, jellies, compotes), hot beverages (coffee, tea), pastries (muffins, pastries).