Store can only be dried fruit, dried dried fruits due to the presence of moisture quickly moldy.
room temperature is comfortable for the person best suited for the storage of dried apricots and other dried fruits any.The ideal temperature for long-term storage of dried apricots - 20 degrees Celsius.
Apricots only dried in direct sunlight, but it is better to store in a dark place, away from heat sources.
In addition, the fruits should be
stored in a sealed container or in a sealed package.You can use any sealed container, glass or plastic jars, packets with the "lightning", etc.Paper or canvas bags and packages for these purposes should be avoided - they quickly infest bugs.And oxygen will further drying apricots, as in the case of high humidity - the deterioration of its quality, the formation of mold and spoilage.Under these conditions, dried apricots can be stored for 12 months.
Few people know, but apricots can be stored and frozen.Pack dried fruit in an airtight container and send it in the freezer.As soon as you want to try this delicacy, apricots thaw at room temperature.It will be the same juicy, nutritious and elastic as before freezing.Hurt in the freezer apricots recommend no longer than 12-18 months.