1. Leave your phone in a bag on a meeting with friends
Perhaps, in our meeting with friends, who unsuccessfully trying to talk to each other, but the conversation did not go well because of the fact that someone is constantly checking his mailand social networks, are no longer a rarity.Much, of course, unfortunately.If you find this behavior rude boyfriend or girlfriend, be the first one who removes the smartphone out of sight, and will only use it in case of need or to answer an important call.Studies show that people who communicate face-to-fac
e twice happier than those who spend too much time on the Internet.They are also much more laugh and laugh - a great way to fight stress.

2. Turn off the phone and the computer before bed
you always feel tired?You can be difficult to get to sleep?For many of us the biggest obstacle to a peaceful immersed in a dream - a constant checking email, Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte ... Doctors say that the use of smatfona for an hour before going to bed can disrupt heart rhythms and prevent the relaxation of the brain.Undertakes before a switch off the phone at least 1 hour before bedtime, and dedicate this time to something more relaxing, for example, a warm bath or reading a book.

3. Turn on silent mode.
If during the day you are constantly distracted by alerts and messages, just put the phone on silent mode - this method works well when you do manage to focus, whether it is work or cooking dinner.

5. Talk to your partner
How often have you tried to talk to his half while watching telivizor and have been ignored?Such behavior on both sides could harm relations - so make sure that you always had time to talk, and make sure that your partner listen with full attention.

4. Calculate how much time on average do you spend on social networks
you always check the updates in the social networks?Recent studies have shown that one-third of the active Internet population spends more than two hours a day in a variety of social networks, 13 percent - more than three hours, and 4 percent were willing to admit that they have more virtual friends than real,.Tip: do not try to stay abreast of online events and news in their friends list view, and instead spend more time with his family and beloved friends, plan a variety of activities and meet live.

5. Rest on the computer at work
Try to discuss the case with colleagues in person, do not be lazy to go down to the ground floor to the accountant and certainly not devote their break reading mail or Facebook - go to the dining room, and even better (weather permitting) -on a short walk in the fresh air.Even small breaks for a few minutes every 1-2 hours helps to relax and to handle stress.