Try to understand that giving a loved one immersion in virtual reality.It is possible that with her help, he tries to get away from nasuschih problems.Any computer dependence - a form of protest.There are several varieties of the problem (object classification). • video game addiction. • Dependence on social networks. • Internet dependence .
Draw parallels between the passion and external factors.Against the background of which it arose?The most common problem occurs as a result of family problems and professional burnout.In this case it is necessary to help a person to escape, to feel the small pleasures of life.Visit the entertainment and cultural events - a sure way to overcome computer
addiction, which really helps.The main thing - to act.
Make it clear that sit for days in front of the monitor - is irrational, that is,there are other ways to have fun.It is not necessary to press on feelings or point to the folly of this kind of leisure, because this you will not get anywhere.Gamers once again immersed in the virtual reality craves for new adventures, admiration and delight.It is - the hero of a fictional world in which there is no place everyday things.And if you scare him with divorce, you will probably be able to mask the problem itself, but no more.And only for a short time.Is it worth it?
Fight dependence th from social networks - much harder.And all because they have covered the majority of Internet users.Have your own page in such a system - a definite plus, because it simplifies the process of interaction between people.But infinite prosizhivanie on relevant sites, continuous updating of data, literally the minute change avatars and thorough study of news feeds - are clear signs of unhealthy behavior.Lock account - not an option, because there are many ways to register new profiles, bypassing all kinds of filters.
In no case does not forbid the use of computers in principle and do not limit access to it!Embittered gamer or an active user of social networks to find another way to access the Internet.Through the telephone, for example, or to stay up late in computer clubs.
compromise.You should not put undue diagnoses, hang tags or rebuke - try to negotiate.But it must be taken into account interests of both sides.Speaking on the example of family relationships in which the man - a gamer, it is possible such an option: it limits the time spent on the Internet, and she brings him breakfast in bed.Incidentally, the communication should take place in a calm atmosphere - only in this case, you can count on success.