you need
  • - Clinic;
  • - Alcoholics Anonymous club.
try to convince human drink.Always calm, sober and without insults talk about what passes in the life of the drinker.For example, certain people clearly Outline gloomy prospects alcoholic - illness, a shorter period of life, inconsistency in work and family.The main thing that a man has realized the reality of loss of life from alcoholism and had a firm belief (fueled by you, your friends) need to stop drinking.
Try drinking lifestyle changes.Quite often the cause of alcoholism is the monotony of life and the desire to embellish it with a minimum of effort.In order to have dependence on alcohol have a desire to stop drinking, pay attention to his new hobbies, help resume classes forgotten hobby, or to help attract others.He mu
st appear distracting cares, generating positive emotions class, giving an opportunity for self-fulfillment and developing a sense of its own demand.
Willing to work and circle of acquaintances justified if drinking is mandatory and regular rate comfortable business or interpersonal communication in the team.
In the case of denial of his alcoholic addiction or lack of resolve to fight the disease, you need to pull this person for consultation in a specialized clinic, to convince him that it's his to nothing oblige.And the problem narcologists and psychotherapists to prove to him the fact of the disease and to help make a decision about the treatment, depending on the individual patient.
Arrange for alcohol dependence human visiting the Club Alcoholics Anonymous.It can also contribute to awareness of the disease and they may push for the decision to change their lives.A similar effect can also be achieved by means of reference to the belief that they will lead to a revaluation of values.
In any form and do not create favorable conditions for the use of provocative alcoholic spirits.Offer their help only if he takes an active part in solving their problems;otherwise - do not follow his instructions or work for him.Do not try to overcome the drunkenness by plots or use herbal medicines, which in most cases, except for tangible financial costs, lost time, and in some cases a threat to life and drinker, do not bring the desired effect.