If you are using a silicone mold for the first time, wash it well with warm water and
mild detergent.Wipe dry and brush with oil.If further use forms can do without oil.
Put the form on a baking sheet, the circle of the microwave or aerogrill grid.Now fill it with the dough, or other products that you plan to bake.
Bake products in the form of silicone recommended at 200-230 degrees.The cooking time is adjusted depending on the selected recipe.
Before removing the finished pudding or cake from the mold, give the dish a little cool.Then gently spoon or wooden spatula fold the edge of the mold and remove the cake, or pudding.In no case, do not use a knife or fork - they can damage the form.
form Wash with warm water and clean the cabinet.
When using silicone molds must be followed and precautions.In no case do not put in the form of an open fire.You also can not wash the silicone with metal mesh, hard to scratch the surface of sponges.Do not cut the finished dish with a knife directly on the form.
is believed that the silicone - environmentally friendly material.It does not emit harmful substances when used.However, getting silicone mold, note the following.Such dishes, like any other, made from environmentally friendly materials, can not be cheap.Silicone, which can be used for foodstuffs odorless.Choosing the color of the form, give preference to low-key tones, such as blue or gray.Too bright colors - a sign that the forms used in the manufacture of cheap paints and materials.