as a main dish for lunch cook cold soup.Recipes like a lot of dishes: hash, beetroot soup, gazpacho, tarator and many others.Preparation of soup does not require much time and effort, but their usefulness is undeniable.Cold soups saturate, fill the deficit fluid in the body, refreshing in the heat.In addition, due to fresh vegetables and herbs that are a part of most of these soups are rich in fiber, vitamins and trace elements.

Use the variety available in the summer vegetables, fruits and herbs.It is best to eat them fresh composed salad, because cooking destroys most of the vitamins.But do not fill them with mayonnaise, try the summer abandon it altogether.As the filling can be used more useful products: oli
ve oil, lemon juice, sour cream, yogurt, vinegar.

However, vegetables can be consumed not only in fresh form.The most useful methods for their treatment - a steaming, stewing and roasting.Cooked this way vegetables are tasty both hot and cold form, so add in a variety of menu summer vegetable stew, caviar of eggplant or zucchini, ratatouille.Another advantage of these meals is that you can constantly experimenting with ingredients.

prefer a more hearty meals, but do not want to mess around for a long time at the stove?Bake in the oven for meat or fish.To do this, wash and dry the meat, season with salt, sprinkle with pepper and rub with your favorite seasonings.Wrap in a sheet of foil and send in a preheated oven.To the finished dish has turned softer, it can be pre-pickle product.For meat in the marinade can be used as wine, soy sauce, yogurt, vinegar, mineral water, kiwi.For fish - lemon, soy sauce, white wine.Note that fish, unlike meat, it is impossible to marinate for a long time, otherwise it will lose its flavor and will fall apart during baking.To decorate the finished dishes using fresh herbs.

Treat household light dessert of fruit and berries: jellies, smoothies, mousses, fruit salads and soups.If you have a blender or food processor their preparation takes a few minutes.After cooling in the refrigerator like desserts, you can offer your pet a healthy alternative to ice cream from the store.

Do not forget that you need to drink more in summer.If you are tired of plain water, you can make up for the loss of fluid home-cooked stewed fruit, fruit drinks, lemonade.But do not make it too sweet.Also good thirst quenching tea - herbal or green sugar.