you need
    • Blender
  • capacity
If you - landline blender (the blender pitcher or blender-cup), thenyou can make smoothies, purees and sauces to cook, whipping cream and eggs, mix the liquid and semi-liquid dough and crushed ice.

The kit includes only one knife, no other attachments.Not all models - two knives (normal and ice).
on the blender jar has a spout, so convenient to pour the liquid.However, never fill the jar to the brim!
Stationary blender works especially well with soft fruit.Use a blender to grind onion, pepper, herbs uncomfortable - sprayed all over the walls.
If you - an immersion blender, ielong "sticks" to the bottom of the two-bladed knives, then you will have to pick up the cup, into which a blender is the most convenient to immerse.The device must always hold.The longer it runs, the more uniform and finer grinds.This blender imelchaet
small number of products, including onions, garlic, herbs, nuts and mixes purees and sauces.Immersion blender is best to "cope" with small portions, so it is indispensable in the preparation of baby food.
immersion blender is not capable of beautifully cut fruits and vegetables - only a "chop" and turn the mixture.
If you - a blender with additional attachments (multifunction device type "blender-mixer," Multiple-"," mini-processor ", etc.), remember that it works on the principle ofimmersion blender, iethe device must be kept in the hands, and the longer it runs, the finer the obtained mixture.
blender with additional nozzles can have multiple speeds.Have different capacities allows a more hygienic processing products.
This blender features retained immersion blender, iegrinding and blending fruits and vegetables, nuts and spices, as well as mashing.Whisk allows you to make the dough, creams and cocktails.Some of this type of blenders can grind ice.However, he can not squeeze the juice or cook minced meat.