most obvious way to convey their thoughts another person - speaking.The language in which you communicate, to be understood by all interlocutors.For colloquially characterized incomplete sentences, emotional, lively dialogue.If you build a conversation on all the rules of writing, you probably will not understand, and, worse, find it boring.
Facial expressions and gestures are organically complement your speech, but this is not necessary to go to far.Focus on your style.In order to feel more confident, you can rehearse your story in front of a mirror, record a video camera or a tape recorder.
for communication may be used and written language.To the person knew exactly your idea, you should write competently, coherent, logical, correct placing punctuation.Internet allows instan
t conversation in real time, but even then we should not forget the basic rules of grammar.
declaration of feelings is possible by means of poetry.If you play music, try to arrange your musical message.Or simply, for example, to play the violin - rather than words.If you love to paint, draw their feelings in the form of paintings.Enjoys photography may be advisable to capture their emotions in "captive" of the frames of reality or self-created exhibits.
If you were left alone with a man, invest in your every gesture and act of profound content, whether it is a gentle touch or a comic schelbany.Remember that the other person is looking at you and appreciates.Thought dressed in a coarse and unpleasant for companion shape can easily be distorted his perception.
Sometimes the best way to convey their thoughts is simply silence.Indeed, not all situations need words.The human thinking is a huge reservoir of the irrational, intuitive, which often turns out to be wiser and deeper laws of formal logic.