risk zone

accepted that most prone to suicidal teenagers and young people with problems in interpersonal communication, people who are at the peak of a career that apply to the currently stringent requirements, the elderly, not who reached in the life of, dreamed about.Suicide - a phenomenon that is not so rare in the community, and occasionally in the news headings to hear of such cases.Even when it comes to strange suicides, people are afraid.When the problem concerns loved ones to cope with it is extremely difficult.

verbal methods

most useful thing you can do in this situation - to keep a sober judgment.Try to understand the reasons that make people think about suicide.To do this, you will need to listen carefully to it, do not interrupt and do not give any value judgments - criti
cism you do not help.Observe his behavior: in some situations, it is beginning to mention the subject, how he does it.Based on these observations, it will be easier to make a dialogue.

If your partner is experiencing a sense of abandonment and loneliness, the best way to show that he is very dear to you, try to make sure that he brings a lot of joy in your life.There is no need to try to interest the person outside the pleasures of life, you need to show him that he is not alone and it means a lot to others.Try to remember a situation where he is someone really helped bring these examples and try to emphasize the importance of his actions to others.

If an individual has difficulty solving problems, for example, he owed a large sum, you should try together to find other ways out of this situation.When it comes to experience negative emotions, the mind may simply not find a constructive solution to the problem, and here you can help - to convince the recipient that there is a solution even the most difficult situations.

Attracting the attention of the one who gave up on life, its beautiful sides, can also be helpful.Think about the last-minute bright, tell us about your plans for the weekend.Then people will be able to see that no problems are to kill himself.

possible that the man is simply manipulating others, threatening to commit suicide.Here you need to build a dialogue very carefully, because your positive response can only provoke more frequent suicide attempts at the slightest disagreement or denial of desires.It is necessary to stop the game and help the arm to form different ways of interacting with others.

not take full responsibility for the actions and thoughts of another person, because you will be able to help only if he wants it.Try to properly invite him to see a psychologist or call a hotline.If he categorically rejects these actions, you should not insist much, since you can only make the problem worse.It is especially difficult to keep cool when the going concerns of loved ones, here it is best to consult a specialist.