To enter the correct person in hypnosis, you must first determine with the client and decide what result you want to get during hypnosis .Then seat the person in the chair, so it was convenient.Dim the lights.For more comfort, you can turn on soft music.Ask the client to close their eyes and relax.
Your voice should be slow, calm and confident.Talk to the client that his breathing becomes slow and calm, the heart slows down your heartbeat, pulse decreases.Emphasize the fact that his body is filled with lead and becomes unsupportable, and then ask them to raise their hand.If he can easily do this, repeat step again.Then ask the client to imagine his childhood.Favourite places of his youth.Ask him to tell you about important and interesting moments of his life in detail.After this short introduction, go to the purpose of the hypnotic session.
For many customers, the most difficult stage of the hypnotic session is the time of exit from that state.Before awaken test, warned him about this.Tell him that when you count up to 10, he will wake up and feel great.