Think about what problems have led you to the state of bad thoughts in my head.Understand their essence, the problem has long remained in the past, but you do not want to let go of the thought of it.Understand the situation, accept it, and only after this you will be able to move on.
Take love.Occupation, bringing you a real pleasure, will get pleasure and shift attention from the bad thoughts on the creative process.Walk, cross stitching, or catch a fish - the main thing that you were really happy at the moment of action.
Let your body exercise.With the help of sports activities you'll be able to get rid of negative emotions and recharge positive.Activity will keep the body in good shape, your health, and after him, and the mood improves.If you run or fig
ht is not for you, go to yoga or pilates.These classes use the relaxing technique for exemption from domestic terminals not only muscles but also the mind.Find a good mentor and takes no less than three times a week.
meet more often with friends.Try to stick to positive people, who are always on his face shining smile.They will give you the energy, laughter will make you forget about the bad.In addition, pleasant communication and frequent publication of the disperse the bad thoughts, and you will not be able to concentrate on them.
Produce emotions out.Do not hold a negative.Anger, resentment, anger and grief do not have to stay inside.Weep, pokrichite, vent accumulated on the pillow - any action that contributes to the output of emotion suitable.