People who are able to enter the lucid dreaming, follow a few rules.Before going to sleep you need to completely relax, breathe evenly and to represent any object animate better.For example, running deer on the spacious outdoor space for her to watch as if from outside.It soon becomes clear that you are sleeping.Some easier to provide the road or down the stairs.Thus consciousness works is clear, and the body falls into a deep sleep .
should keep a diary of dreams, writing in it every morning dreamed event with all the details.You have to understand that is what is happening in a dream.
Entry into conscious sleep hard in the mouth of a state, so beginners to try b
etter in the morning.Create your alarm clock to wake up early, have breakfast, do household chores, and after a couple hours of sleep again.One should always think about lucid dreams, want to get into conscious sleep and then everything will turn out.
From normal sleep is also possible to get into a lucid dream, but it is much more difficult, because during sleep to include consciousness and determine that you are in a dream.
easiest way to get into the dream possible with the surrounding sounds.To do this, go to sleep in complete silence and darkness.Close your eyes and listen to the darkness, gradually begin to appear unusual sounds so the person gets into the dream.If sleep would frightening and dangerous, you should force yourself to wake up.
Once in a conscious dream , it is possible to walk through walls, fly, run on water and behave the way you want, in spite of all the stereotypes and beliefs.Disappears dependence on the opinions of others, no one would be blamed for any action you can do everything.Hedges no longer exists.