you need
  • Common sense
  • Attention to detail
Pay attention to his body language when he is next to you.He tries to casually touch your hand?Do nervously licked his lips, when he looks at you?Does any excuse to touch you?Mourners Do you, at parting, look?
If he always finds some obviously flimsy excuse to call you, especially if these conversations last longer than any conversation before your separation, if he ends the conversation in a positive way, saysvol.As he was pleased to hear your voice is a good sign.
If he always finds some common to your business, if he says that you can be friends and trying to sp
end still a lot of time with you, it does not mean that heHe wants you back.On the one hand he can really still love you, and the other can just enjoy the fact that he still controls your life.
Talk to your friends, ask them if contacted your ex to talk about you?If he's not sure that you are ready to take it back, he can "test the waters" through them.
If almost all your conversations are reduced to a discussion of your break, it may mean that your ex did not understand when and what went wrong so that you he did not care about, but he was too proudand cocky to admit it.
Mention in the conversation of someone who does not know your ex.If he starts keenly interested in that person, ask where and when you met, how you got there, who was there yet - a good sign, it means that he still considers himself a part of your life and it is not indifferent what you do, andwell, maybe he's a little jealous.
If it makes you compliments, talking about how good you look, how he likes your smell as you go, this haircut or blouse is a clear timid step towards reconciliation.It shows that you find attractive, that it is still physically "pulls" to you.