Buy two lengths of shielded cable.In length, they should correspond to the distance from the receiver to the second TV.
Unplug the receiver, both the TV and all connected peripheral devices to them.Disconnect the cables from both TV collective antenna.
Discover basing socket RCA: contact ring - common wire, pin contact - input or output.
Discover basing socket SCART: 3 - Audio, 4 - common wire audio 6 - Audio 17 - common wire video, 19 - video output, 20 - video input.
Open body connector connected to the output jacks on your satellite receiver.The first cable is connected in parallel to the existing, connected to the receiver's audio output and the audio input of the TV first.On the opposite side conn
ect it to the audio input of the second set.
first video input on the TV, disconnect the output of the receiver, then reconnect, but not directly, but through a 75-ohm resistor.Second, connect the cable to the video output of the receiver, and by connecting the center conductor through a 75-ohm resistor.On the opposite side connect it to the video input on the second TV.
Close the body of the connectors.Apply power to all devices.Turn their meals.Both the TV, select those low-frequency inputs to which the receiver is connected.After configuring the last on a particular channel, make sure you have the picture and sound on both TVs.
accept the fact that change channels on the receiver will be able to only one member of the family, in whose room it is installed.Either use a special name or a homemade device to transmit signals via cable remote in another room.But then it may be unhappy in turn one in whose room is the receiver.Sometimes you can look at a TV satellite channel, and the other - the ether.