first way to return the memory card in "working order" - is its withdrawal from the slot of the camera.Turn off the camera and remove the memory card.Rotate it in his hands, and maybe you will find in it a little latch switch.It is made like a lever on the 3.5-inch drives and has two positions: write to the card is enabled, and write to the card is prohibited.Move the lever in the reverse position and insert the digital camera, then try to take a picture.
possible that all camera also refuses to take a picture, referring to the protection of from recording , or whether it uses this card as xD, which has no lever.Maps without a switch instal
led in some models of digital cameras Olympus and other manufacturers.In this case, the menu cancel protection a specific, chosen picture - it manifests itself as a key icon.
If the machine settings are not accompanied by such an option, you need to use a third way - remove the attribute "Read Only" to those pictures in which it was installed.This is done through the computer.Connect the memory card to your PC, open it and in the properties file uncheck "Read Only".
If the previous methods did not help, refer to the manual of the camera.At the end of the instructions typically contains a section that contains the error messages for the firmware of your camera.Also be displayed on the screen of the camera, are listed in the brochure as their causes and remedies.Most likely, that the error of the impossibility of recording or protect memory from recording there is also available and, depending on the camera manufacturer, it can have a specific course of solutions.
And finally, the fifth in the last method we can talk about a bug in the camera .Solving the problem of recording on the memory card in this case - its formatting through the Windows or directly from the menu of the camera.