purchased at the hardware store unit CRAB (Cable Splitter Subscriber household) with one input and three outputs.Instead, you can buy and import the same splitter.The most common among them are Polish and German.
Choosing hub, pay attention to the upper limit of its frequency range.Cable operators today is often due to lack of space involve very high UHF channels.They are not able to tune in to any TV, and only manufacturers taps the existence of these channels may not suspect.The boundaries of the frequency range is usually indicated on the device or in its instructions.
the cables from all three TVs to the installation of the device.At the ends of all the cables from the TV set antenna plugs, but TVs them until you connect.It is important that the plugs are not connected during th
e installation to any of their devices, or you can hit the current passing through the suppression capacitors of the power supply.Needless to select a mounting location such that before it reached for the cable from the antenna.
Connecting cables to the most crabs made depending on its design.Some of them have a socket designed for the connection of conventional connectors - then all the cables you must also provide from the splitter plugs.Other devices (mainly German, companies Luxmann) equipped with screw jacks.In this case, pre-pull on the cable nut and only then smooth out.Then insert the wire into the central hole of the screw socket, and then screw the nut so that the braid was pressed to the body of the nut.Crabs classic designs remove the cover, and then, depending on the model, solder braid and center conductor cables in their designated pads, or secure them with screws.
In all cases, connect the cable from the antenna input jack, or a combination of the terminal, and the rest - to the output.
Connect plugs to shut off the network TVs (if they are connected to video recorders, players and other devices, and unplug them), and then turn them into a network.Ensure that the quality signal input from the antenna on all three devices.