you need
  • idea of ​​complete bicycle skills choice and assembly equipment
First of all, you need to develop a drawing of a bicycle manufactured well.It is better to use ready-made drawings, which lovers and craftsmen post on the Internet.If there are design skills, you can create a drawing and himself.
is a very important thing - to bike ie, manufactured by drawing the wrong miscalculated, ride will be simply impossible.Furthermore, when incorrectly calculated balancing, connections to some sites will account for an excessive load.This will lead to a further accumulation of metal fatigue, fracture or crack on the interface details.Or, more simply, bike fall apart at the worst possible time for you.
Keep in mind that to make at home and a chain wheel mechanism with the driving and driven gears is not possible, so that all the parts you have to buy anyway.
Once you have captured the best drawing, study it carefully.For the manufacture of metal tubing frames require different diameters.Purchase a suitable material and start the implementation of each element separately.Check the workpiece for defects and cracks.
making elements are interconnected into a single unit by means of spot welding.
to manufacture plug you need small size compactors and gas welding.You can use the forge and tools intended for metal forging.
When the frame and fork are almost ready, you will need to drill holes for the leading "star" in the frame and wheel mounts in the frame and fork.Holes must be strictly perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the frame and are arranged parallel to each other.
Then you need to make wheel removal, leather seat with seat post, pedals.Fasten all the details of the frame, hung a chain mechanism, wheels, brakes.You are now ready for testing.If
machinery adequately kept on the road, it does not lead to side, rotate the pedal normally with no extra effort, bike again disassembled and ready for painting.If
riding causes discomfort or revealed any problems during testing, you need to find and eliminate the possible causes.Repeat this procedure as long as the bike not be well oiled and working single mechanism.
But why should organize themselves such complexities as easier to buy ready-made parts and assemble a bike , which your heart desires?
can collect the most easy option.Buy titanium or, if the budget does not allow aluminum frame.And we put in it the components according to their own ideas of price and quality.
rims for wheels, spokes, tires, tires, eccentrics, steering stem, steering column, steering wheel, hard or soft fork, brake pads, cables, brake levers and the like is not less important details - all this can be bought separately and independently of eachfrom friend.The convenient
a "designer": at any time do not suit you or defective parts can be replaced with new ones purchased in the near bike Mr store or ordered over the Internet.