This protection feshki appears either as a result of software malfunction flash drives, or as a result of malicious acts.In any case, you most likely will need to take some action to unlock the USB flash drive and use it as before.

stick password protection is used to protect information that is written on it from unauthorized access.If the flash drive is blocked itself, in this case, insert the USB flash drive into the USB-output, go to the registry at HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Contr¬¬ol \ StorageDevicePolicies and set the zero value WriteProtect.Thus, you will gain access to the flash drive and be able to manag
e all the information that is on it.
If the above method does not help to recover the stick, use a program like JetFlash Recovery Tool, and Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool.They will help you get rid of this problem as soon as possible.Write protection from pendrive will save information on a flash drive on any changes.
If you yourself are not able to remove the protection from a USB drive, refer to professional programmers who are well versed in such issues, and carry out all the necessary work at the highest level.The complexity of the work depends on the breadth of the problem.After all, there is a substantial likelihood that broke down the internal structure of the stick, and it will have to completely disassemble.Then you will lose all the data that was on it.To avoid this, follow the functional state of the stick, and regularly check it with antivirus software.With their help you get rid of Trojan programs that run on the stick attackers trying to get its contents.
Use the stick exactly as prescribed and carefully safeguard it from mechanical influences that can disrupt the integrity of all data stored on the USB flash drive will be permanently lost.