you need
  • - video capture device;
  • - video editing program.
Connect the AV-device cable to capture audio and video connectors TV .If the TV is connected to the attachment for digital TV, connect the cable to the audio and video connectors of the console.When connecting to observe proper color (red plug to the red socket, white to white and yellow to yellow).
If your TV or set-top box has a port S-Video, plug the S-Video cable into this port.If the S-Video port offline, can record a video using only AV-cable (albeit with some loss of quality).
Insert the end of the USB-cable, video capture device into an available USB port on your computer e. You may have to wait a few minutes until computer recognizes the device.
Open the video editing progr
am that can capture video from a camera.For example, iMovie (for computer s Mac), Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere (for personal computer s) support this option.
Go to File («File") and select Capture («Capture"), or Capture Function («capture function") on the main screen for video editing.If offered several options for the capture, select Capture From Digital Video Camera - capture from a digital video camera (as recognized by the system video capture device).
Enter a name for the video file when prompted to do so in the editing program.Select a folder on your hard drive in order to save it in a file with the movie.
Click Start Capture («Start Capture") or Start Import («Start import") in the video editor.Start screening of the film to be recorded on a computer .
Click Stop Capture («Stop Capture"), when the movie ends.The video will be saved in the specified folder earlier.