With wireless you can download the music files on your mobile phone or player with a computer or other devices that support bluetooth.Make sure that your electronic device has the ability to transfer files at a distance: many manufacturers only offer the potential of using a similar wireless transmitter itself but you need to purchase and install it separately.
Activate bluetooth device.To do this on your phone, find the shortcut menu "Communication" or "connection", choose the protocol bluetooth.Turn on the unit and allow it to make a connection.
Activate wireless bluetooth communication with another device.If you want to connect to a phone or notebook computer, find bluetooth in the program list, or click the left mouse button twice on the blue label with the letter "B" on your desktop.Click on "Search for devices" a
nd wait for the end of the work.After a few seconds your bluetooth determine all activated devices within 30 meters.
Scroll down the list of names the name of your phone and click "Connect" or "Connect".Instantly on your phone you will be prompted to allow pairing with bluetooth-device.If you know your computer, you agree to connect by clicking on "OK".
possible that the security settings on your computer or phone request to put a password.If you have set a certain set of characters, allowing the connection, enter the code on your phone and computer.If you do not have a special password, but the security system asks him to enter, just type the same numbers on both paired devices - for example, 1234. The connection is established.
In memory of the computer or your phone, select the music file you want to transfer via protocol bluetooth.Click on the right-click options in the dialog, select "Send", then "Send via bluetooth».On your computer, you can do this simply drag the desired file into the window of the connection.Confirm your action by clicking "OK".
After a few minutes of music will be transmitted.Save it in a convenient location for you.Transmission speed depend on the size of the file.