you need
  • Mountain GPS antenna (dish), converter Ku band, receiver, cable and choice of mounting plates, primary skills in electronics.
When deciding to connect two TVs to one satellite dish is to decide on a package of channels.One option could serve as Tricolor.It broadcasts from the satellite Eutelsat W4 at good pitches.The satellite antenna may be a diameter of 60 cm, the b
lanket type.It antenna positioned vertically.This allows you to take a good signal.
converter range and the receiver are used for signal conversion.He moves from a higher frequency to a lower frequency.When deciding watch scrambled channels will require the installation of additional equipment - the decoder.The receiver connects directly to your TV via antenna input.
When choosing cable special attention should be paid to its quality.Not worth saving.It is up to the high quality of the signal depends on the amount of lost data.It is necessary to take into account the right to broadcast two television sets.It can be carried out by one or two connectors.
antenna mounted on two tuners.The variant of connection head on the antenna.To it must be connected via the «Switch» the so-called double to split the signal.It is usually one input from the antenna and two outputs for TVs.
After all the operations you can set via the antenna satellite Internet.Its speed is much higher than usual.