you need
  • computer with a video card, the program ATITool
When checking the performance graphics card need to pay attention to the correct operation of the graphics processor, the cooling system and the absence of errors in the video memory.
Check the operation of the GPU graphics card, you can use a special utility to test it - ATITool.The principle of operation of this tool is quite simple.It generates in a special box, a small hairy cube.Rendering of the cube is a difficult task for the GPU graphics cards also creates a heavy load.With such a load detected problems with cooling failure in the graphics chip, bad contacts GPU graphics card or other components to the board.Such a method is the easiest to detect internal faults video and evaluate its performance.
To verify that the video card test run ATITool pressing the «Show 3D view».You will see a rotating cube.
This test is very important to monitor the temperature of the video card in order to prevent overheating.Therefore, immediately after the start of the test note the increase in the temperature of the GPU.It should be in the range of 60-75 degrees and not more than over 85 degrees of the test.If the temperature reaches that mark, it means that the graphics chip has a bad contact with the radiator cooling.Immediately stop the test is not to withdraw from the card system and update the thermal paste between the chip and the heat sink.
During the test to try to detect the generated cube yellow dots.They appear as if the image generation graphics card failure has occurred.If the entire test does not appear more than 3 yellow dots, it means that the video card works fine.If the yellow dots appeared to 10, most of all, the card has some problems with the power supply.Check if the power supply unit.If the yellow dots appears more than 10, the card has serious internal problems that will lead to the appearance of artifacts in the image.
Check the operation of video memory, you can use the program Video Memory stress Test.The program checks the video card's memory bit-wise that it identifies certain problems, as well as allows to carry out health check video memory in the background without affecting the image on the monitor screen.Video Memory stress Test uses access to video memory using DirectX.This method allows you to inspect not only the video cards have their own video memory, but also to assess the stability of the integrated graphics memory, which is used for computer memory.
The program is easy to use and requires no installation.To test the functionality of video memory, just run the Video Memory stress Test, and then click "Start".The program will check the video memory tests in full mode.During the inspection, two horizontal progress bar is displayed, the top shows how complete the current test, the lower extent completed the whole test.Under the progress bar is the error count.If the video card is fully operational, the all-time error checking should arise.Entries in the "Journal", located under the counter error is informational only and not an error.