you need
  • cord tulip connecting stereo speakers and a computer ("Tulip" - the common name for this interface, familiar to him all sellers of audio equipment, computer accessories and radios).
cord tulip can be purchased at specialty stores: at the point of sale of computers, household appliances, electrical and radioinstrumentov in some music stores.When buying it is necessary to know the brand of your music center, because cord connectors are matched exactly by the dimensions of the music
al art.
is important to note that most often connected to the computer not the speakers, and stereo system with connected speakers.At one end of the cord is inserted into the tulip-entrance music center (it is unique for each producer, its location depends on the specific model of the music center).
second tulip-cord connector has a standard output: the same as for any headphones, computer speakers, etc.It must be inserted in a special place on the computer that is designed to enter the headphones.When you use this cable, the computer's internal speakers are automatically disabled.
After a stereo connected to your computer, choose the tape a special feature that allows you to play audio from an external device.Usually it is the same button, which is activated by the sound from the TV.You can now listen to music!