Tip 1: How to connect the audio from your computer to your TV

Many modern TV sets equipped with high-quality audio system, allowing to use the TV speakers for listening to music as well as music recordings are often stored on a computer, can only find a way to output the sound from the computer to the TV.
There are several variants of the sound output from a computer to a TV, and a choice of one of them will depend on the specific interface connectors in the computer and the TV.
Perhaps the simplest and most inexpensive option in the TV audio output - Connection via stereo cable has a 3.5mm jack on both sides.These cables are often included with many models of MP3 players, and can be used not only for connecting to a TV, but also to play audio through hi-fi or car stereo.
cable is connected to the headphone jack on the computer and the TV connector Audio IN, similar in appearance to the headphone jack.Then the TV switches to A / V, and the sound from the computer will be heard in television speakers.When is A / V number, you should enable
audio playback on a computer, and to determine the appropriate method of selection of A / V mode.
Another way to connect requires both devices have the HDMI interface and the corresponding cable.HDMI connectors can be found in TVs and computers, issued in the last few years.
Connect the computer and the TV HDMI cable and switch the TV in the playback signal from an external source.The mode can be multiple and have the right to determine the method of selection by using the buttons on the remote, which usually has the designation A / V or a square with an arrow icon.Identify successful connection can be by the appearance of the sound from the computer to the TV speakers.

Tip 2: How to connect to the TV sound

speakers built into the TV, often have mediocre sound quality.You can improve it by connecting external speakers.They may be attached in two ways: directly or through an amplifier.
How to connect to the TV sound
To use the first method, you need the TV service skills and impeccable knowledge of safety regulations.Turn off the TV, open it (do not expose it at the same impact, so as not to break the CRT or LCD matrix), and then, without touching the picture tube, the high-voltage wires, as well as details of the power supply, video amplifier, the power converter backlight (in LCD TV), horizontal (as in vacuum-tube TVs - and any other details) Unsolder wires to the speaker, escalate their long cable, then print off the TV so that they do not pass near any high voltage circuits.We stereo TV Output cables from both channels.Then close the cabinet.If you are not confident in their abilities, entrusted with the operation qualified technician.
Take speakers with an impedance similar to the same parameter built-in speaker of the TV or his superior.Connect the cable that you are brought out to the speaker system.If the resistance of a system is lower than that of the speaker of the TV, but you have two of them and the total resistance exceeds this figure, connect them in series.If your TV is stereo, connect the speaker system, instead of each of the built-in speakers.
second method requires considerable skill from the master, but involves the use of an external amplifier and requires the television line-out audio .The output remove the RCA-connector Audio out (body - a common wire, the central contact - output sound ), with DIN-connector "Tape" (medium contact - general and yield, depending on the age of the TV, it may be eitheror rightmost, leftmost contact) or with connector SCART (pin 3 - output 4 - shared).
signal is fed to the input of the amplifier, which can be used RCA connector or DIN.How to connect to these connectors as described above.We have a stereo or two connectors RCA, or one DIN, which has the right to enter the channel using one of the outer contacts (which one depends on the year of its release) and to the left - the contact pins located between the right channel and the common wire.If your TV is monaural, and the amplifier - stereo inputs (not outputs!) Amplifier connected together.
Turn on the TV and in the presence of an amplifier.In the second case, first set the minimum volume on the amplifier.Then adjust it to the desired level.
not perform the above-described manipulation of the auto-transformer and transformerless TVs.
Helpful Hint
When connected via HDMI interface, configure the properties of the graphics card in the computer display mode in the secondary monitor, and you can withdraw from your computer to a TV is not only sound, but also the image.
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