Tip 1: How do glasses Google Glass

project Google Glass was announced by Google in the spring of 2012, and only in the summer invention was patented.Development continues, so technical details are kept secret.The company has opened only some features of the "augmented reality glasses."

essence of the device is that the user will be able to record on the video image, which he observed at the time.But, in contrast to the camera, hands "operator" will be free.In one of the presentations was arranged extreme show, during which exhibited this feature.In the sky over San Francisco parachutist jumped four glasses Google Glass.

Image with devices broadcast on screens in real time.Then, the audience at the presentation got a picture with points cyclists who arrived on the roofs to the demonstration area.All of the resulting video can be saved.

These files, or any other can be viewed in the same glasses.True, in the opinion of journalists, while the size of the built-in monitor is not very big and not very conveniently located - developers
continue to work on it.

With the device will be available and other developments Google.For example, at the moment possibly impose on the video image from Google Maps, a weather forecast, and to arrange a videoconference.

course, with the help of augmented reality glasses will be enough to take photos of good quality.Also, the gadget will be the embodiment of a kind of "wearable computing" - with it you can go to the Internet to receive files, check e-mail.

To make novelty convenient for most consumers, Google collaborate with manufacturers of optics.It is planned that augmented reality glasses will be replacing the standard pair with diopters.

not yet known in what way it will be possible to operate the device.A message appears that will use the touchpad, voice input, and even control via head movements (due to built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers).However, during a demonstration of Google Glass on talk shows Gavin Newsom has been used only a touch pad on the bow points to move through the gallery of images and the entrance-exit.

Points Google Glass is theoretically possible to associate with your smartphone.But the company insists that it is more convenient to use a standalone device.However, the final decision on this point is not accepted.Also it is not decided what kind of wireless modules will be integrated in the new gadget.

While work on the Google Glass continues.According to the creators, to a wider audience glasses will be available closer to 2014.

Tip 2: How will work "points of the future" by Google

Google has demonstrated the photo and video glasses future.Despite the fact that the work in the laboratories of the new product is still ongoing, it announced that the final version of the glasses will be available in 2012.
Как будут работать "очки будущего" от Google

brainchild of experimental laboratory Google X for the first time was presented in April 2012 at the annual conference in San Francisco.On the developer version of the show points gadgets were shown two options - video recording and display animation.

Google Glas - the so-called new product is a world first points with a function to connect to the Internet.They can work as a video camera, send and receive video information over a network, to take photos.Demo version, for example, shows an animation of fireworks to vary depending on the movement of the head angle.

The presentation was clear and clearly illustrates how using the points of the future can look at the world through the eyes of another person.The audience was stunned.On the roof of the building, which hosted the forum, a group of paratroopers landed.The camera built into glasses look handed jumpers from the jump before landing in real time on a large screen located at conference hall.Then the baton took cyclists who took points in the room and saw all of their present journey on the screen.

use of these points, in practice, means that all you can seen at the same moment and see millions of people.Among the other points of the future possibilities of communication - voice and written messages without using a mobile phone, personal organizer, navigation.

Display, which displays information to the user, is just above the eyes, and does not interfere with the review of reality.So far, the company's founder Sergey Brin estimated the cost of glasses, gadget of 1500 dollars.Experts believe that for successful mass market sales of their price should not be more than $ 500.

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