you need
  • - Vacuum headphones;
  • - instruction;
  • - set of rubber baits;
  • - wet wipes.
Learn the instructions for use of your vacuum headphones, if included with the kit.In it you can find and see the main stages of use.
Pick pad size.Typically, the bundle includes a minimum of three pairs of different nozzles.This allows you to select the right nozzle, with which you will be comfortable to listen to music.
Try to pick up the nozzle so that the headset firmly sit in the ear canal.If you choose a small nozzle, the headphones will fall or hang out in your ear.The sound of it will be bad.If you use too large nozzle of the long ears listening to music can start to hurt.It is therefore important to choose the correct size nozzle.
Carefully attach the selected nozzles on plastic base housing.Check that the rubber cap is sitting on the axis of the headset.If you attach a nozzle is bad, it can remain in the ear canal, when you remove the headset.Pull it can only be a doctor in the emergency station.
your fingers at the top of the housing and gently push the earpiece in the ear canal.Do not drive it too far.The headset should be worn so that there were no feelings of discomfort.
pull the cord to pull the earpiece.In no case do not pull sharply!So you risk to break the wire or leave a rubber grommet in the ear hole.
pay more attention to the selection of rubber baits.If the dimensions of which are attached to the headphones included, you do not come, then visit your nearest store and pick up a new tip.They are sold separately and are inexpensive.
Consult your physician in the event that listening to music in headphones vacuum causes you discomfort.Try not to let anyone use your headphones to observe basic rules of personal hygiene.