you need
  • cable digital TV tuner with a cable remote control and connection RCA audio-video cable.
Setting the digital TV to receive the respective channels is to change the parameters in digital tuner on your TV.Himself tuner is required to decode digital TV channels for viewing on the TV.Manipulation is little you can do it.
To begin with, you need to remove the cable TV tuner from the packaging and check its integrity.The remote control, insert a pair of AA batteries with the correct polarity
.Connect the cable from the antenna: at its end has a twist or crimp the connector to the F-type RF-in (Ant-in), which needs to be fixed to the input patch panel that is located on the back of the TV tuner.
Spend RCA connection audio-video cable between the TV and the tuner.Connecting to a TV tuner, and connectors should be carried out in accordance with the color markings.Now you need to turn on the TV and digital tuner, switching the desired input, such as TV / AV.
Select button on the TV tuner unit "Menu", then see "Auto Channel" and "OK."Your tuner will immediately begin sorting channels.When the automatic search is finished, you will see a list of channels found on the screen.Once again press the "OK" button on the remote control.To exit from the "Main Menu", locate the cursor line "Exit" and "OK" or press the "Exit» («Exit») on the remote control.TV tuner is displayed on the front of the channel number.
can search channels manually: Select the "Menu" subsection "Manual search channels."The "Reset TV" - will remove all previous channel setting.You can even sort the channels, group lists or transfer the channel to another number.This is done through the 'Sort channels'.Each innovation is confirmed with "OK".
If you want to see the electronic program guide (EPG), click «EPG» on the remote.The screen will show two lists: the top - the channel list, at the bottom - the list of programs for the selected channel.To navigate through the list by pressing the control button on the "up" "down".To exit the menu «EPG» press «Exit» button on the remote control.