Today, the vast majority of devices work on rechargeable batteries, which are gradually replaced disposable batteries.After all, with the proper operation of the camera or the camera battery can run all day, and even more, while the validity of disposable penlight batteries often limited to two or three hours of intense ispolzovaniya.Kak effectively exploit the batteries and do not limit the user to the possibility?First of all, make sure that the type of battery is suitable for use.Then refer to the instructions and find the item that describes the rate of charging the batteries for the camera, camera, power tools and so on. Usually the manufacturer specifies in detail the required number of hours for the first charge cycle.This
information is important, it is worth paying close vnimanie.Nado noted that the process of charging is the key for the safe use, and to the effective time of the device on batteries.The number of hours required for the first charge, can be varied depending on the capacity of the battery and its structure, but the average manufacturer indicates 12-14 hours.This means that the user has to charge the battery continuously for the specified period of time.If the device is new, recently purchased and unpacked, you must first unload it better in a natural way, that is, to enable the device and run as long as the battery does not sit.In some high-tech devaysakh there is also a function of the forced discharge to restore the original capacity of the battery, which is under heavy load.It should also be mindful of the dangers of overcharging the battery.This is especially true if the process takes place with the help of old equipment without automatic shut-off, triggered by reaching the 100% level zaryada.Pri charging the batteries can not be allowed over current, as this could put an end not merely on the batteries, but also on the whole device inOverall, if the charging process takes place directly inside the battery compartment.Many battery manufacturers provide their products with solid defense, but against breakage, as they say, there is no reception.So, in violation of the norms of charging you risk instead of the battery electrolyte puddle and unpleasant smell caked with charger contacts.