In the Russian Federation legislation, the possibility of providing financial support to spouses who are under thirty years of age and do not have sufficient financial means for self-improvement of living conditions.A similar program operates under federal legislation and is called "Providing housing for young families."The level of funding is determined not only by federal agents, but also regional infusions of cash, so the amount can vary dramatically depending on the subject of the Russian Federation.However, the main flow of funds is still the federal budget.
Such aid is exclusively targeted - you can either spend it on buying a home, or as payment for a mortgage loan.The benefits are determined by the presence
and number of children in the family.The state provides financial assistance in the amount of 40% of the cost of housing, if you have one child, 45% - in the presence of two or more, 35% - if the child is not.
order for a young family to get help from the state, it is necessary to invite the Commission on housing issues for the assessment of your current living conditions.After the examination the commission will act on what you really need a new home, because the old does not meet current standards and can be used as a dwelling.
Having the act, expert advice, you can contact the Department of Housing Policy in your region.It is necessary to make his own statement with the request to provide copies of passports and marriage certificates (also child's birth certificate, if any), certificate of income of both spouses prescribed form and open an account in the state bank, which will be transferred to cash.You put in a queue for a grant and to transfer money in advance.