Tip 1: How to connect the cable to the antenna

Connecting to a TV terrestrial antenna is carried out using a special cable.In this way without significant cost can be connected to the antenna several television receivers.Connecting cables should be carried out, observing the rules of electrical switching devices and using technical documentation provided in the wiring diagram to the TV.
you need
  • - antenna amplifier;
  • - splitter;
  • - antenna cable;
  • - knife (scalpel);
  • - wire cutters;
  • - soldering.
When unstable and insufficiently strong signals are used when connecting the antenna cable amplifier.To connect multiple TV sets and prepare splitter (scrub).
amplifier, splitter and antenna cable set in the vicinity of TV wiring.As a private home it is more convenient to make the attic.In the absence of a television cable wiring pull directly to the place where the TV will be installed.
When mounting cable , spend it outside the wall or attach to internal communications, and hide indoors under the baseboards
output cable from the antenna, connect to the terminal of the amplifier.From a signal applied to the divider, which are attached directly to television receivers.
When using a satellite antenna, use an intermediary device - receiver.The cable must be connected directly to the receiver via the aerial socket.
Before connecting the cable to the antenna prepare it for connection.Separate the top braided cable with a sharp knife or a scalpel at about 40 mm from the end.Bend the braid beneath the bare screen and the next insulating layer.
Remove the cut portion of the second insulating layer, leaving the bare copper conductor.Strip the wire tip of the knife and cut to the desired length (20 mm).
Screw the lower part of the plug on the collapsible sheath by inserting the plug into the cable core.Insert the bare wire into the second part of the plug and screw the two parts.Carefully remove the remnants of the braid of the antenna cable.The cable is ready for connection.
Before turning on the television receiver carefully check the correctness of connection of switching devices and tightened plug into the socket.If you see a weak signal or noise as ripple, adjust antenna amplifier, guided by the annexed technical documentation.

Tip 2: How to connect the antenna

becoming increasingly popular satellite TV.Conventional antenna can not provide the desired image quality.But by using a plate, one can watch TV channels in digital format.Buying the necessary equipment costs a considerable amount, so people are often looking for ways to save money.For example, you can connect your TV to a satellite dish on their own.All modern satellite television work in the Ku-band (10,7-12,7 GHz).
How to connect the antenna
First, you must choose where to install a satellite dish.It is important that an overview of the measured point to the satellite has been opened.All satellites are located in the southern direction, from the south-west to south-east.You can calculate the installation location plates for two formulas.
formula for calculating the angle of elevation:

F = arctg {[Cos (g2 - g1) x Cos (v) - 0.151] / sqrt (1 - Sos2 (g2 - g1) x Cos2 (v)]}
formula for calculatingazimuth:

f = 180 ° + arctg {tg (g2 - g1) / sin (v)}
g1 - longitude of the satellite, g2 - longitude location reception, v - latitude reception.
Just you in this matter will help programSATTV.
Keep obstacles did not have any. Buildings, trees - all this will be a hindrance. But at the same time the antenna must be located in an easily accessible place for you.
The antenna must be accompanied by instructions for assembly.Just follow it, you will easily'll be able to handle the assembly. Secure the support must be very hard. Be careful not to damage the parabolic mirror. Even small deviations lead to a deterioration of the signal.
Now you are ready to connect the equipment.At the same time you are near the equipment, and must see TV screen.Probably, you may need an assistant.Converter cable is connected to the receiver.You will see a blank screen.Now you need to set the frequency of the receiver using the OSD.
Next, tighten the screws that regulate the movement of the antenna in azimuth and elevation directions.But this is not the way, and so that you can move the plate up and down and side to side, exerting some effort.This antenna should be fixed, if not touch.
Then you can start scanning the sky.Making sure that the signal as clean as possible and the picture is good, secure the plate completely.Your satellite antenna connected to the TV and ready to please high-quality TV.
Helpful Hint
Carefully read the instructions in the equipment.Each plate may have special requirements for installation.
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