you need
  • -pasport all parties involved
  • -Certificate of ownership of the apartment
  • -notarialnoe permit the sale of all property owners
  • -notarialnoe permission to sell the legal representatives of children
  • -postanovlenie of custody andguardianship
  • -extract of cadastral passport
  • -dogovor the sales
  • -akt reception and transmission
  • -kvitantsiya payment of state duty
  • Registering ownership of buyers
When selling an apartment with minor children, who are the owners or have a share in the ownership of a notary must take permission for the sale of their legal representatives.Also required a resolution of the guardianship authorities reserved the head of the district administration.
guardianship authorities will be given only after the resolution of housing children no less and no worse than they had in the property.In some cases, allowed to deposit money to children for the price of their share in the apartment.The account is opened so that is impossible to dispose of the money before the age of majority, ie 18 years.
If children are not the owner, and have been registered on the basis of registration of parents, the resolution of custody and guardianship can not take it.Children discharged on the basis of withdrawal from registration parents.
If the parents are the owners of the apartment, and the kids there, they can not get permission to write in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship.But such a deal, the state registration center refuses to register.Because of the court can be regarded as a statement of minors illegal.Registration may cause regain.Therefore, the purity of the transaction is questionable.To make a deal with the subsequent registration necessary decree of the guardianship authorities still take.
The rest of the transactions made on the usual scenario.Notary of the contract of sale, the act of acceptance and transfer and registration of ownership of customers.