Tip 1: How to connect a bluetooth-headphones to the phone

popularity of bluetooth-earphone is the usability and practical versatility.To begin to use them, you need to connect to a phone.
to start working activate bluetooth on both devices.To turn on bluetooth headset, hold the power button for about 8-10 seconds.As a result, the light starts blinking LED, which would mean the inclusion of the desired mode.Typically, it operates for 30 seconds.To turn on bluetooth on your phone, go to the menu and select it in the appropriate point activation mode bluetooth.
then perform the search for active devices with a mobile phone.For reliable signal reception distance between the mobile phone and the headphones should not be more than 8-10 meters.After you create a list of bluetooth-environment, select the desired item.
After that start the process of identification.Telephone, find bluetooth-headset, will bring it to your list of devices.Then perform pairing a mobile phone and wireless headphones.Headphones and telephone, as well as an
y other bluetooth-devices have their own personal MAC-address consists of 48 bits.To complete pairing the phone will be sent to your MAC-address, which will bring the headset in the list of devices designed to work.However, the pair will not be installed until the end, until the pop-up window on your phone password is entered.Typically, the default is 0000, but some models are bluetooth-earphone may use other values.More information about them can be in the instructions.
After that device will be ready to work together.The distance at which the signal is able to be transmitted in the order of 10 meters, but in the environment it may decrease.Further, bluetooth-headphones can not operate simultaneously with multiple devices.Power headset carried out by the internal battery, typically a lithium-polymer.

Tip 2: How to connect a wireless headset

wireless headset today is a convenient and often indispensable thing.It greatly simplifies our lives.With it, you will not have to unravel the wire every time and solve the question of where to put them, so as not to interfere.With a wireless headset you, for example, you can drive and participate in a telephone conversation.
How to connect a wireless headset
you need
  • - wireless headset;
  • - phone.
Make sure that the phone has the ability to connect via Bluetooth.Bluetooth - this is the main "path" by which you can connect the phone and a wireless headset .Because it is Bluetooth technology currently provides high-quality and high-speed wireless connection devices.Therefore, without having to connect the phone to a wireless headset Bluetooth connectivity is not possible.
2 Turn on your wireless headset by holding the function button on it.Then, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and on the options list, select Search for new devices via Bluetooth.After scanning all located within range of Bluetooth devices, select from the list of found your wireless headset .
your phone make a request to connect a wireless headset;if the phone requires you to enter a code for pairing, enter it.
Upon successful connection, the headset starts to flash.Then just open the list of paired devices and select the previously attached mini headset - now she is working and ready to use.
Before directly by connecting a wireless headset to the phone, carefully choose the device model.The most common mistake many users is that phone manufacturers and wireless headsets are different, but, nevertheless, they are still trying to connect them, and the headset in this case or is not working properly or not working at all.
Helpful Hint
After the first pairing wireless headset with your phone, it is no longer required.If the phone is switched off, and after the turn out to be connected to the headset, simply select the currently paired with your phone headset Bluetooth-enabled devices, and it will again be connected.
  • find a headset with your phone