the contract of sale must be attached garage cadastral passport.This document describes all the parameters of the purchased property (area, number of doors, windows, etc.), as well as its schematic layout.

If the garage was acquired during the marriage, and therefore is jointly acquired property of the spouses, when its sale must obtain a notarized consent of a spouse to carry out the transaction.

In the interests of each of the parties buying and selling the garage can be framed transfer act is a supplement to the contract of sale.

In addition, at a garage sale necessary legal documents for him, deed of gift, rent, sale, certificate of inheritance, etc.

The sale contract drawn up in triplicate.The first one is at the buyer, the second - the seller, and the third - in the Registration Chamber.The contract shall be compulsorily registered, since it is carried out through the transfer of ownership of real estate.

In order to formalize a deal, you must submit to the Office of the Federal Registration Service of real estate and transactions with it the following documents:

- application for state registration;

- sale and purchase agreement and transfer act;

- cadastral plan of the garage and the land.The latter document is not required if it is already available in the registration room and was placed in the appropriate case;

- documents for payment of the state fee.

After registration, the term of which is set to 30 days, the seller gets his hands on copies of the sales contract and deed of transfer containing a note of the registration authority.Similar documents the buyer receives, in addition, he is issued a certificate of state registration of ownership of real estate.