you need
  • -pasport
  • -zayavlenie
  • -Certificate of the birth of all children
  • -Certificate marriage
  • -Certificate for maternity capital
  • -Lending contract
  • -spravku from bankan indication of the amount of debt
  • -Certificate of ownership of an apartment
  • -pravoustanavlivayuschie documents in the apartment
  • -notarialnoe confirmation that the children will be among the owners housing
to use the maternity capitalpurchase apartment , you need to apply to the pension fund and to submit a list of documents.After reviewing your application and documents experts will inform the pension fund when the money will be transferred to the parent capital to repay the payment for an apartment.
Cash you do not give out.They will be transferred to the account of the credit institution in which you are making a purchase apartments .
In accordance with this, the apartment can be purchased only take credit or trust loan for the remaining amount of money.
also the parent capital can repay part of the loan or its residue, which was issued for the purchase of housing.
Theoretically, the maternity capital can be used for a down payment when buying apartments , but in practice it is quite difficult to do.The fact that the use of funds for the purchase of property must be presented to the pension fund loan documents, documents of title to an apartment and a certificate of ownership.If you do not have these documents, you pay a flat capital funds to the parent impossible.
Therefore, the best option purchase apartments - is to pay off the parent capital already existing mortgage or take out a mortgage loan to pay the first installment of its own funds or from employees, to issue the documents to the apartment and provide them to the pensionfund.
must be remembered that not all banks are willing to work with the parent capital, so choosing a bank for a mortgage should be interested in the possibility of calculating the funds by wire transfer.