you need
  • you need:
  • - passport of the borrower and co-borrower passports and adult family members;
  • - documents the presence of education;
  • - certificate of compulsory pension insurance;
  • - a copy of employment record;
  • - information on the amount of income from the main job and other jobs, if any;
  • - Declaration of additional income in the form of the bank.
determine whether you are in the category of people who can qualify for state social support.On the social mortgage can expect the following categories of citizens.
- Citizens are already recognized to be in need.These citizens have already been entered in the waiting list.This list is the administration of the city or district.So if you is not already in the queue - refer to the admi
nistration, specify the conditions for entry in the list, gather all the necessary documents and stand in the queue.
- Citizens who have each family member has less than 12 meters.
- Citizens are also subject to mortgage: military, government employees, young families.
Find out which version of the social mortgage works in your area.Three possible options.Namely:
- subsidizing the interest rate on a mortgage;

- subsidizing part of the cost of mortgage property;

- sale of public housing loan at a discounted price.
To clarify this issue, contact the authority who in your area is responsible for the housing policy of the city or district.You will consult on the conditions of social mortgage, and - crucially - help make rough estimates of the initial fee, the amount and duration of the loan, amount of monthly payments and the required minimum family income of the borrower.
Decide for yourself whether you are ready to bear the burden of the mortgage.Despite the benefits, the social mortgage is a mortgage, so be prepared to pay an initial fee and, and other monthly payments over a long number of years.
Please note that the social mortgage, you can buy only the new housing under construction, causing you to become a participant of shared construction.
Cost per square meter is calculated by a special formula and, in any region, it will be less, and sometimes much less than the cost per square meter of the same property at market value.
Apply for a social mortgage.If you have consulted in the administration of their town / region and found that you are entitled to this kind of social support, and already standing in line in need, then you need to proceed as follows.
Contact the special department of the administration or the housing department (it depends on what kind of an organization in charge of this issue in your area) for a final consultation and formation of a package of documents to the bank.The same department will make a pre-selection of potential candidates for the bank.
After that, the administration will give your documents to the bank, which will make a final decision on the loan.
Then everything goes according to the usual mortgage scheme.