order of distribution of shares to other owners in the apartment offer to purchase depends on their relations.When good and they agree to sell your share to third parties is enough to discuss it with them verbally and issue notarial failure of any of your suggestions.
Otherwise, you need to send notarized every sentence with a return receipt and month wait for a response.
This procedure will be repeated for each price cut: to sell an apartment cheaper than that offered to other owners of shares, you have no right.
If the owner of a share in an apartment is a child, the order expelling him the same offer.But the only difference is that, since he has
no right to make such decisions, you need to address the document to his parents or other legal representatives.
most difficult procedure when selling the share belonging to the child.In this case the procedure is the same, but the parents or legal representatives should be allowed to share the child from the sale of the guardianship authorities.
This guardianship authorities need to provide assurance that the living conditions of the minor from the sale will not worsen.Ideally - documents in the apartment, which you are going to buy in return, and the obligation to provide him share of no less than sold.It may also serve as proof of an account in the child's name in a bank (usually the guardianship insist Savings Bank, but there may be exceptions).
The rest of the sale of shares does not differ from the usual procedure: the search for a buyer, design failures, or other owners confirm that they have ignored the proposals sent to them, the collection of documents and registration of the transaction at the notary.