you need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - cadastral extracts from the BTI and the Land Committee;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - the act of reception and transmission;
  • - a statement in FUGRTS;
  • - receipt of registration;
  • - a presidential statement (if equity contributions were not paid for the garage).
If you want to buy a garage in cooperative officially become its owner, first refer to the documents available to the seller.Selling property can only be the owner.Ownership of garage in garage Mr. cooperative registered on the basis of the documents submitted in FUGRTS.
Before registering the rights owner should contact the Chamber of cadastral and BTI formalize cadastral and technical documen
ts to the property, to obtain extracts from them and apply to FUGRTS for registration of property rights.
Besides certificate of ownership of the seller garage and cooperative must obtain notarized permission to sell from his wife when he joined the cooperative, being in registered marriage (article number 34 of the RF IC, article number256 of the Civil Code).If garage formalized ownership of several persons, then they must give notarized authorization (article number 244 of the Civil Code).
conclude with the seller of a notary or a written contract of sale in the form to the act of reception and transmission and contact FUGRTS to register their ownership of the acquired garage .
If garage not issued in the property, the purchase of its only means that you will become a member of garage tion of the cooperative, and you will pass the obligation to pay membership fees.Making such a purchase can be documented, referring to the chairman of the cooperative, which will bring together the general meeting of shareholders, let them know about your membership in the cooperative.Then you have to write an application, present a passport.Membership book on payment of shares reissued to you.That is, giving money the seller, you do not become the owner.You only pay part of the dues by paying them in a lump sum.
Contents ownership of the acquired garage you can after the full payment of dues when arrange their own inventory and technical documents.