you need
  • - the application form for state registration of rights to the object housing and related transactions;
  • - notarized power of attorney for the commission of acts of sale and purchase of housing, specified in the documents of the property;
  • - documents on the ownership of real estate;
  • - explication of the drawing and the floor (in the sale of apartments);
  • - Detailed help from the house (in the sale of apartments);
  • - a copy of the financial account selling real estate;
  • - originals and copies of passports of the buyer, seller and trustee;
  • - signed by both parties act on the transfer of real estate;
  • - the original and a copy of the payment receipt of state duty.
make a warrant to conduct real estate transactions by a notary.To do this, go to it, together with the owner and a set of documents.It will be issued an official document, in which you get permission to commit actions against the property on your own.Be sure to enter a number in the certificate of state registration of the subject of housing, your passport details, address of the property.And specify the extent to which its management is transferred to you.
conclude and register the sales contract in the event that a transaction is a change of ownership of the dwelling or real estate owned by the company.In other cases the preparation of the document is not required.You only need a transfer certificate signed by the parties.
Download the contract form on the site .In the first lines write the surname, first name and passport details of the seller and the buyer.In the "Subject of the contract" put the address where the property is located.In "The price of the contract and payment" specify the value of the property.Add bank details and signatures of the parties.If you have completely transferred the rights to real estate transactions, the data indicated in your documents.If you are entitled only to record the transaction, the contract must have details of the owner.
Register the contract of sale of real estate in the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation.To do this with a set of documents are sent to one of its affiliates.Consult your nearest please visit: reference or call: +7 (495) 917-57-98 +7 (495) 917-48-52.The presence of the owner in transactions by proxy is not required.