you need
  • - application for deregistration and the registration;
  • - the certificate of registration of property rights (if you are the owner);
  • - a statement from the owner (if you are not the owner);
  • - house register;
  • - passport.
Today, the process extracts from the old housing and residence in a new place simultaneously.You do not need to first go to the former place of residence and write.On the contrary, you must first be registered.To do this, go to the district passport office at the place of your future residence.Write several statements on samples that are in each such department.You will need to write an application for deregistration of former residence and registration of the new dwelling.
If you are not the owner,
be sure to bring along any.Pasportisty require his personal presence.The owner also wrote a statement of their consent to your residence in its housing.Next to the house register is stamped on your departure from the old place of residence.
On the same day officials of passport and visa service will be notified in your old passport office, and you will be removed from the register of the old place of residence automatically.Passport with a new residence permit, you get either immediately or within a few days.
to check out of the private home , in the passport office, you must appear in person.There are times when you need to write down the person who does not want to be in OUFMS.For example, ex-husband or wife.In this case, remove him or her from the registration is possible only through the courts.You only need to find the reason for it.For example, to file a lawsuit on the recognition of the wife "lost the right to use the living room" and removing it from the register at the place of residence.Extract a court "to nowhere" is not possible, but when it comes to minor or incapacitated citizen.Or, if you want to write a man who at the time of privatization home already been registered in this house.