The first thing to be noted in the announcement - the main parameters offered for sale housing.This location apartments , number of rooms, floor (indicated in combination with a common storey building, for example 6/9 - the sixth floor of a nine homes), type apartments (for example, "Khrushchev" panel house with improved design, monolithic house,"Stalin," etc.).
Then tell us about the layout of the apartment .It is necessary to specify the total area of ​​the rooms and yardage (mentioning also that they are isolated or connected), do not forget the size of the kitchen.These are usually made out of footage as follo
ws: the total area / living / kitchen area.Size of rooms is better to specify individually, combining adjacent brackets.For example, communicating and isolated two-bedroom apartments a total area of ​​53 square meters, with a six-meter kitchen, separate rooms in 8 "squares" and the two adjacent rooms in 18 and 12 meters of data in the ad will look like this: 53 / (18 + 12)8 / 6. We also mention the presence of balconies and loggias, phone, planning bathrooms (adjacent or separate).
lists all of the objective characteristics apartments , you can move on to its features.Of course, if you want to interested buyers, primarily it makes sense to point out additional advantages.This may be a condition of the apartment (newly manufactured repair, replacement of pipes, installation of double-glazed windows, etc.);its location (proximity to the metro and transport interchanges);the proximity of schools, kindergartens, shops;availability of parking spaces;green yard and so on.
Mention the factors that can facilitate or expedite the registration of the transaction.For example, if you just want to sell the apartment and do not plan to simultaneous acquisition of other real estate - indicate that it is "straight" (in some areas - "clean") for sale.If you plan to move, and you already have an agreement with the owners of the apartment , you will buy - specify that the options chosen.Also accelerate the sales process can prepare a package of documents to the apartment and the absence of the registered people.
sure to check if you are ready to sell your apartment in the mortgage - that is, to put down the full value of the contract in your home and wait for the mortgage contract to be registered.Typically, mortgage apartment sold , is owned by more than three years - in such cases, the seller does not pay sales tax.
Do not forget to indicate the conclusion of the price of your apartment and appropriateness of bargaining, and the way that will allow the potential buyer to contact you (phone number, email address).