Tip 1: What is needed for a tax refund when buying an apartment

After one year after the purchase and sale of the apartment, the buyer can issue tax property deduction, that is to return previously paid income tax in the amount prescribed by law.

total amount of tax refund when buying an apartment is not more than 13% from 2 000 000, that is 260 000 rubles.In addition, get a tax deduction of property can only be one time in my life.To get a tax deduction, you must prepare the following documents.

application for a property tax deduction.
A sample application can be found on the official website of the Federal Tax Service through a search engine.The application is written to the head of the inspection in the community, it indicates an object that was purchased and transferred to the documents testifying to the fact of the purchase of real estate.In addition, the statement needs to be written details of the bank, which opened an account for the buyer apartments, and who will be the transfer of the amount of the tax deduction.

Declaration of tax on personal inc
Blank and sample declaration form can also be found on the website of the Federal Tax Service, if it is difficult to fill, you can apply to specialized companies, which for a small fee to prepare necessary documents.

Certificate of employment on Form 2-PIT.
The certificate will reflect the amount received in the reporting period income and withheld taxes on personal income.

Copies of the documents confirming the purchase of an apartment, that is a contract of sale.
also need a copy of the certificate of registration of property rights and a copy of the act of acceptance and transfer of immovable property.

These documents, together with a passport and TIN must be submitted to the tax office at the place of residence.In that case, if the amount of these taxes in the reporting period is less than the tax deduction, the remainder will be paid in the following year.

Tip 2: What documents are required to return the income tax

monthly income tax of 13% is the sum of money that every officially hosted by the employee pays the state.It turns out that the income tax can be returned.In this case, it is necessary to pass a series of bureaucratic procedures.
What documents are required to return the income tax
Immediately it is worth saying that the property deduction is available once in a lifetime.This means that you have the opportunity to return the money in the amount of income tax paid to the state after the acquisition of such types of property, like a house, apartment, land.According to the law, you can not recover more than 13% of the value of the purchased property.This value of the property itself should not exceed 2 million.If you purchased a property mortgage, in this case, your apartment can cost more than 2 million rubles, but the deduction will still be 13% of the total cost of housing.
To begin the process of returning the income tax in connection with the purchase of real estate, you must contact the tax office.Provide a statement and two certificates from the personal income tax accounts 3 and 2-PIT receipts showing the amount spent on the purchase of apartments, houses or land, as well as documents proving your ownership of the new property.If you arrange a mortgage, you need the documents for a loan with the loan agreement.
If your children are enrolled in an educational institution paid full-time and have not reached the age of 24, you can return the income tax for education.Please write to the tax office with the demand to provide a tax deduction for their child's education.Prepare documents: birth certificate, passport, certificate of 2-PIT, the license of the university and a copy of the receipt of payment for tuition, the contract with the university.
Contents income tax refund is possible not only for their own treatment, but the treatment of the next of kin - a husband or wife, or his child a ward of up to 13% of the money spent on medicines and procedures.But with the amount of income tax paid for the year must be equal to the amount of reimbursable or cover it.
maximum cost of conventional treatment should not exceed the limit set by the state and of 120 000 rubles.For treatments require expensive procedures and drugs, in which case the cash outlay is not limited.
to issue income tax refunds, first write a statement to the Federal Tax Service.Required documents:
- two with the help of accounting work (2 and 3-PIT-PIT);
- pay stubs;
- a copy of the contract and the contract for the provision of medical treatment;
- reference, wherein said payment for all services Medicine tax inspection;
- personal passport or passport of husband / wife or child's birth certificate, depending on who was undergoing treatment;
- if necessary, a copy of the marriage certificate;
- License and a copy of the medical institution.
  • Article 220 of the Tax Code
  • any necessary documents for tax refund