you need
  • -PTS marked deregistration
  • -pasport all persons involved in the transaction
  • -notarialnaya authorization from the owner if the vehicle is not the owner sells
  • -doverennost to buy if the owner of the vehiclewill not you, but another person
  • -dogovor purchase - sale
Transactions with the car such as: rent, donation, pledge, purchase - sale is not necessary to issue a notary, did notthe law requires.Notarized power of attorney to issue should be the new owner of the car if it is for such a car you are going to sell.
When selling a car is necessary to have a set of documents that are transferred to the new owner.If you are not the owner of the car, it is necessary notarised power of attorney of the owner of the car.It must be issued
in your name to perform legal actions on behalf of the owner.Last name of the owner of the vehicle is entered in the TCP.
necessary not only to remove the vehicle from the register, but also the right to issue a contract purchase - sale .It is necessary to specify all the exact details of the seller and the buyer.Describe in detail the subject of the contract well.Show all vehicle data, which are specified in the TCP, model, year, color, all of these numbers, name of the owner of the car.Be sure to write the actual amount of the vehicle, the fact that the transfer of money for it and that the rights and responsibilities since the signing of the contract and passes to the buyer.Since the certificate - through the sale of the car lifted, by drawing up a contract and purchase - sale need to take more responsibility.
Below contract and put down the date, number and signature of the parties.The agreement must be made in duplicate.One copy is kept by the buyer, the other - the seller.
The TCP should be a mark of traffic police that the car removed from the register for sale .