rules of naming (so-called development process names for companies, products and services) are generally the same for all: a good name reflects the specific activities of the company, product or service, catchy, well-stored andevokes positive associations.All this is important to take into account when designing the store name products .However, it so happens that the shop is quite a success for him with a strange name like "Fairy Tale" and totally unprofitable with a good name, developed by all the rules for naming specialists.
course, the name plays an important role, which should not be underestimated.A good name - it's part of the brand,
it is itself an advertisement of your shop, it helps sell.But in the case of shops products , in which many of us go every day, this factor is still minor, is much more important than the reputation of the store.By itself, the word "Crossroads" is hardly suitable for such a store, but the network "Crossroads" in a short time has had time to prove itself well, and now she has many loyal customers.
When choosing the name for example, boutiques, better to stay in the title, is fundamentally different from the names of competitors, in the case of store products can go "on the contrary": shop titled than-That reminiscent names of known networks, in some ways, "attached" to their reputation.The main thing - do not overdo it, so that your shop is not confused with the known networks, and even be accused of is that you have taken yourself someone else's name.
When choosing a name for the store products necessary to resort to the classic methods of naming, for example, to the study of the target audience.In Moscow, many as a very low cost and very expensive shops, and in the title should reflect on what customers designed shop - or not so wealthy.
also important to think about competitors, which are located near you.It is necessary to analyze their experience, just like at these stores and see how some say, as it is usually the buyers and what they are.Accordingly, building on someone else's positive and negative experiences you can develop a good name.
selecting about a dozen names on suitable, you can "check" them to their friends.What names like more?What better remembered?What longer associated with the store products ?Some employers even develop special questionnaires and conduct surveys.Then you can already focus on some of the most successful version of the name, and choose for themselves one of them.