you need
  • - permission of the local administration and the contract for the lease of land;
  • - a set of commercial equipment;
  • - one or two removable implementer;
  • - business relationships with several manufacturers of baking.
apply for accommodation in terms of sales of fresh pastries in the commercial department of the local administration.In large cities, the administration allocates between businessmen a place where they get the right to organize hot food item.In the place, which eventually will be allocated for your purposes, you can rent a few square meters of land.
Purchase equipment for the baking point of sale - cart, umbrella, dirt tank.In addition,
the purchase party supplies - wipes and plastic bags.Also need to immediately solve the problem of garbage disposal - at the request of Rospotrebnadzor it must establish the owner of each such point.
agreements with several manufacturers of daily deliveries of baking at the same time try as much as possible, to expand its product range.In addition to the pies with potatoes and sauerkraut you should be presented several types of mince pies, tarts, sausage in the dough.Find also "spare" options with the purchase of a batch in case the regular supplier for any reason not be able to supply you the goods in time.
Find one or two distributors selling point for baking, thus develop a scheme of payment for their work, which will appear as a fixed portion and a percentage of revenue.While you will have only one outlet, loader and driver to deliver the goods is not advisable to employ, their functions will have to perform yourself.