you need
  • Blank act, if any;
  • draft records, who wrote during the audit;
  • commission of three people;
  • Applications (if necessary).
The results of the audit filled act Audit and Inventory List.Any act filled by at least three responsible persons.Before the start of the audit create a commission, they also will fill this act .
Save draft records (they reflect the f act -diffraction data including quantitative indicators) that are doing during the audit , their base is act .
Enter the required details act as: company name, the name of the docum
ent type (ACP).Necessarily should be dated (it is the date of the document, if the act drawn up at the end of the audit , which took several days, in the text of the act and specify the period of the audit) and the registration number of the document.Specify the place of preparation, make a title to the text.Title act and should begin with the words "Act audit ".
Write text act as .It should consist of two parts, the introductory part describes the basis on which audited.This may be a regulatory document, administrative document, or contract with an indication of its date and number.Note here the commission indicate chairman.In the main part of the write methods and timing of the work, mark established by an act of f s, and do not forget to conclusions, proposals.It should also write a conclusion emanating from the results of audits performed .
the end act and do not forget to sign the commission at the end indicates the number of copies and drawn their destinations.Number of copies act and audits varies depending on the number of persons concerned, which this act and directed.And, more often than the amount determined by regulations of the organization.
After marking the number of copies act and write about what annexes are available, if any.