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To calculate the number of cubic meters, comprising in the amount specified in other units, multiply this number by the corre- factor.For example, if the specified volume in liters, then transfers the amount of cubic meters multiply by 0.001 liters, i.e.use the formula:
km³ = Cl * 0,001,
where cu km - the number of cubic meters, Cl - number of liters.
similar formula can be used if the source volume is specified in cubic decimeters (dm).
km³ = Kdm³ * 0,001,
Kdm³ where - the number of cubic decimeter.
If the original volume is specified in centimeters (cc) or cubic millimeter (mm³), then to calculate cubic meters, use the following formula:
km³ = Ksm³ * 0,000001

km³ Kmm³ * = 0,000000001,
where Ksm³ and Kmm³ - the number of cubic centimeters and millimeters, respectively.
If you know the weight, then to count the cubic meter (volume) specify the density of matter.It can be found in the tables ssotvetstvuyuschih density substances or to measure yourself.To calculate the number of cubic meters, divide weight (in kilograms) by its density (kg / m³).That is, use the following formula:
km³ = M / P,
M - body weight (in kg),

P - density (kg / m³).
P - density (kg / m³).
If the object is a simple three-dimensional shape, and known to some of its parameters, to calculate the volume, use the appropriate geometric formulas.For example, if the body is a rectangular parallelepiped, its volume can be calculated by the following formula:
km³ = D * W * H,
wherein: A, W and B - the length, width and height (thickness) of the box respectively.Units of length, width and height must be set in meters (linear).

room has a ceiling height - 2.5 meters, length - 10 meters and width - 8 meters.It is required to determine the volume (number of cubic meters) room.

km³ = 2.5 * 10 * 8 = 200 cubic meters.